Projetcs, Training, Counseling, Consulting

T-Hap is a concept. It aims at optimising opportunities for wellness in people’s lives. It provides an umbrella of experts and services for wellness to be established and enhanced. It brings together professionals from various work environments, to work under “win- win situations”, creating not just networks, but really cultures of well- meant, highly efficient individuals towards wellness.

T-Hap addresses the need of individuals, professionals, and communities for flourishing with finite resources, experiencing collaborative ways of existence, lowering stress and various kinds of anxiety, addressing the different levels of human existence, optimizing mental health and wellness in our lives. T-hap offers related to wellness optimisation can be described through three basic tenets: Education, Therapy, and Travelling.

Josif Josifovski

High School

For 70 years, Municipal High School JOSIF JOSIFOVSKI Gevgelija has been a pillar of the community, providing high-quality education to generations of students in N. Macedonia. We are a school that offers a gymnasium and vocational programs for economy, trade and law, mechanical engineering, catering & tourism, and healthcare and social protection. Over 80 teachers, technical and professionals associated, realize the educational process in one building of over 4000 m2 area with new upgraded part, schoolyard of 11500 m2, outdoor sports field of 400 m2, sport gym, 47 classrooms, 10 cabinets, schools library, media center, and cooking and catering premises, responding to the requirements of each program. The school has been recognized as an entity with the operational capacity to manage high-quality mobility projects and since 2013 has realized 8 Erasmus projects with over 200 students in two awarded Accreditations in the field of vocational education and training. We aim to be a leading institution that provides quality education and develops the potential of each student, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning, while also promoting social responsibility and global citizenship. 


Lycée Charles Adrien Du Puy

The Greta du Velay is a public training organisation, managed under the supervision of Lycée C. et A. Dupuy and gathering 21 educational institutions under the wing of the Ministry of Education (15 secondary schools, 6 high schools and colleges). Certified ISO 9001 since 1998, it exists since 1974. It employs 4 training advisers and 40 trainers, delivers around 300000 training hours per year (welcoming 2000-2500 learners). It is active in the Velay, in the South of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

The Greta du Velay is member of the Greta network covering the whole French territory making it one of the main training provider in France (137 Greta and 4750 training locations). Half of the activity consists in preparing qualified workers for companies. Courses are organised as an answer to local and regional needs, in response to the demand of companies, or following the requirement of funders through calls in a variety of sectors: hospitality, cooking, health, construction, industry (automation tools, maintenance, leatherwork), audiovisual, management, languages, computing…). Courses can target the preparation of national diplomas from the Ministry of Education, from other Ministries, certificates from other certification bodies or only aiming at developing specific competences. The other domain of activity consists in supporting the vocational inclusion of target groups such as young unemployed, early school leavers, low skilled adults, migrants, through the development of basic skills (key competences, transversal competences, digital literacy…), orientation and practices in companies, so that they can choose a career and become employed.

Laboratorio Immagine Donna

Cultural Association

Laboratorio Immagine Donna-LID is a permanent observatory and workshop on the presence of women in cinema as an art and as a profession. We have curated 43 editions of the Florence International Film & Women Festival. We also organize local and international initiatives to favor the rebalancing of the female presence in the fundamental roles of culture and visual communication, and the training of young spectators in schools of all levels, for the dissemination of new inclusive points of view toward the construction and sharing of more equal ideals and practices in our societies.

Glocal factory

Social Cooperative

Social Cooperative Glocal Factory is an Italian non-profit organisation. Established in 2018 by experts in the field of education and training and by operators in the field of international cooperation for development, its purpose is to contribute to the creation of a community of innovative and “visionary” educators able to provide quality learning for all. Glocal Factory is the natural evolution of the Association having the same name. Glocal Factory is “a system” formed by a non–profit association and a social co-operative, both legally established in Italy, that joins volunteers and professionals working in the social and educational fields. We work with professionals in education and training, NGOs, youth associations, organisations for youth education, public authorities, small & medium enterprises, in Italian and European context, providing in particular: Innovation on learning pedagogies; Expertise and technical support in planning training programmes both in formal and informal context; Expertise and technical support in designing learning resources; Monthly organisation of events and seminars, in co-operation with prestigious research centres and researchers; Expertise in experiential learning and education to “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship”; Information and training on EU funding.

St. Thomas

International school

ST.THOMAS’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the first international school of Viterbo in Italy, using an interdisciplinary framework
and maintaining a proficiency level both in Italian and English. Twinned with Ambrit Rome International School, St.
Thomas’s assures high standard of academic learning and facilitates the development of the child as an “inquirer”, both
inside and outside of the classroom. At St. Thomas’s we study art and crafts, drama, ICT, music and sports from an early
age. All the activities are designed to provide opportunities for experimental and co-operative learning and to exploit the
communicative importance of languages. ST.THOMAS’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL adopts a bi-lingual program in which
English is the main language, while Italian is maintained at a proficiency level throughout the subjects. Continuity with the
Italian State program is ensured for those children who may wish to enter the Italian State Education System at a later stage.